Build Future-Proof Applications. Run applications anywhere. Adapt to changes instantly.

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CaaS Management

Future-proof you CaaS Infrastucture with Gestalt’s abstraction layer with any mix of Kubernetes, DC/OS, and Docker clusters while seamlessly deploying and migrating workloads between them.


Run the most advanced serverless platform on the market on or off premise, or on any CaaS platform while providing an integrated api gateway.

Why Serverless?

Enterprise Policy

Securely model your infrastructure, refine access by extending our meta model, apply fine-grain access to resources, or utilize our reactive policy engine to help control usage.


Gestalt makes it easy to build cloud native applications. DNS, Load Balancing, SSL Configuration, Firewalling, Provisioning and Scaling are all baked in. Your apps and services get their configuration dynamically.

Gestalt allows you to build serverless and container native applications for any cloud, virtualized environment or bare metal.


Building a microservices framework is hard. You can reinvent the spaceship or you can take the ride. The Gestalt Platform features integrated, production-ready micro services, designed to make application development a snap!