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Run applications anywhere. Adapt to changes instantly.

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Galactic Fog's Platform, called Gestalt, is the key to letting your organization build future proof cloud
native applications. Gestalt Provides the folowing capabilities on any bare metal, virtual, or public cloud.

Container Management Platform

  • CaaS Abstraction Layer with support for DC/OS and Kubernetes
  • Policy Engine
  • Self Service Portal
  • Federation Solutions for DC/OS and Kubernetes
  • Application Migration and SDLC Automation capabilties

Lambda Engine

  • Low Latency - 20-30x faster than Amazon lambda
  • Highly Scalable - up to a 1000 exectutions/sec per executor, as many executors as you want
  • Broad Language Support - .Net, Javascript, Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, Go, and support for custom executors
  • Cross Platform - Runs on both DC/oS and Kubernetes with more coming
  • API Gateway - includes an API Gateway (Kong) with support for Gestalt Security


The Gestalt Framework lets you build a more effective, scalable app from the ground up. Gestalt streamlines the integration of your applications into any enterprise.

Grab the helm! Gestalt is your ground control for deploying, managing, and expanding.


Why Choose Us?

Manage Complexity ]

Does your company want to adopt containers and public cloud at the same time? Do you have 10-year-old legacy apps falling over? Is your company hesitant to make a bet on one of the big three container runtime platforms?

Gestalt provides an answer to all of these problems, and it does so in a way that de-risks and simplifies the adoption of modern technology using our adapter framework and policy engine.

Serverless & SOA ]

Do you have applications that are only used once a week/month/year? Want to adopt a serverless architecture as a way to vastly reduce cost and manage risk of those applications? Is your SOA architecture expensive and slow/complex to deploy?

Gestalt provides the answer to these questions with its integrated lambda engine, and an included API-gateway and message queue implementations.

Open Source ]

Gestalt provides an open source layer for enterprise management of cloud native applications. If you are a large enterprise do you find yourself constrained or at risk by a proprietary management vendor? If you are a startup do you need something to bring order to the chaos?

Big or small we are the solution for you. We are the first open source cloud native integration framework.


Building a microservices framework is hard. You can reinvent the spaceship or you can take the ride. The Gestalt Framework features integrated, production-ready micro services, designed to make application development a snap!


Gestalt makes it easy to build cloud native applications. DNS, Load Balancing, SSL Configuration, Firewalling, Provisioning, and Scaling are all baked in. Your apps and services get their configuration dynamically.

Gestalt allows you to build serverless and container native applications for any cloud, virtualized environment or bare metal.

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