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CaaS Management

Galactic Fog’s Gestalt Platform enables teams to future-proof CaaS and FaaS infrastructure across any mix of Kubernetes, DC/OS, ECS and Docker Swarm clusters while seamlessly deploying and migrating workloads across clouds.


Run the most tunable FaaS/serverless platform on the market on or off premise and across clouds while providing an integrated API gateway.

Why Serverless?

Enterprise Policy

Securely model your infrastructure, refine access by integrating Gestalt’s meta model through its RBAC/ABAC engine, apply fine-grained access to resources, and utilize our reactive policy engine to provide approved and immutable environments to the correct users at exactly the right time.


Gestalt makes it easy to build cloud native applications. With built in DNS, load balancing, SSL configuration, firewalling, provisioning and scaling; applications and services inherit their configuration dynamically through included entitlement and policy management.

Gestalt allows the development of serverless and container native applications that work across any cloud, virtualized or bare metal infrastructure.


By providing a central audit point and a simplified software development pipeline, the Gestalt Platform enables large, regulated enterprises to move with the agility of a startup while maintaining the security and auditability required for Global 2000 corporations.