The Gestalt Platform's Lambda Application Server - LASER
Anthony Skipper on March 23, 2017

The Gestalt Platform's Lambda Application Server - LASER

Galactic Fog’s enterprise grade lambda application server - Laser- enables the seamless operation and scaling of a common serverless engine across both private and public cloud infrastructure. With Laser’s ability to run on DC/OS, Kubernetes, or Docker Swarm, it can be depoloyed across the most common types of containerized infrastructure. This architecture allows developers to code in the language that meets their needs while at the same time enforcing the necessary policy and segregation of environments required by the enterprise.

  • Low Latency Executions
  • Support for long running Lambdas
  • Included API Gateway (KONG)
  • Integrated Message Queue
  • Periodic Lambdas
  • Support for .NET, JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, Go, and other languages through the use of custom executors
  • Operates on Kubernetes, DC/OS, or Docker Swarm