The Gestalt Framework

The Services You Need To Fly Further!

The Gestalt Framework is a set of microservices that used together create a platform for companies to build future-proofed cloud native applications. By moving to a model where most common enterprise integrations are configuration instead of code, it becomes easy to upgrade your enterprise without throwing away or rewriting your applications. The framework is comprised of three major components the meta layer, which runs tracks and applies policy to all IT resources, the infrastructure layer which is a plug-able container and lambda management engine, and the integration layer which is a set of off the shelf microservices designed to solve most common enterprise integration.

Galactic Fog's Platform, called Gestalt, is the key to letting your organization build future proof cloud
native applications. Gestalt Provides the folowing capabilities on any bare metal, virtual, or public cloud.

Container Management Platform

  • CaaS Abstraction Layer with support for DC/OS and Kubernetees
  • Policy Engine
  • Self Service Portal
  • Federation Solutions for DC/OS and Kubernetes
  • Application Migration and SDLC Automation capabilties

Lambda Engine

  • Low Latency - 20-30x faster tham Amazon lambda
  • Highly Scalable - up to a 1000 executions/sec per executor, as many executors as you want
  • Broad Language Support - .Net, Javascript, Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, Go, and support for custom executors
  • Cross Platform - Runs on both DC/OS and Kubernetes with more coming
  • API Gateway - includes an API Gateway (Kong) with support for Gestalt Security

Meta Layer ]

“The Bridge”

You can think of our meta service as a top down scheduler. It models your organization and the policies that make it work and it applies them to a pluggable set of bottom up resource schedulers. Much like the bridge of a ship, we give you the ability to manage any engine, system, or control structure you want to plug in. We can even do things like federate technologies that don’t support federation out of the box, providing single views of multiple bottom up scheduler and emulating their apis. This lets your developers keep using the tools they are used to while at the same time allowing you to standardize on a single solution. Complete developer flexibility with ruthless standandization? Make it so!

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Lambda Engine ]


Gestalts Lambda Application SERver, or “LASER” for short, is a lambda service that your can run anywhere. It supports running .Net, Javascript, Java, Scala, Ruby, and Python lambdas. It includes an out of the box apigateway and it can be easily integrated with other systems including message queuing or notification systems.

If you want to go serverless or just need massive scalability for certain processes then you need a Laser!

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Container Management ]

“The Power Grid”

Containers are the future. The Gestalt Framework makes it easy to plug in industry leading container engines like Mesosphere's DCOS. In addition we offer first class support for software defined networking and storage technologies such as Project Calico and EMC's Rex-Ray. We do all of this while also giving you the ability to federate and govern container management engines.

Best of all, wth our API emulation layer, you can use Gestalt while your developers keep using the tools and CLIs from their favorite products.

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Policy Engine ]

“The Gatekeepers”

Gestalt's policy engine allows you to control all aspects of lambda and container deployment and usage. Our policy engine is built on top of our lambda engine, which means not only does it scale incredibly well, it also means you can write your own custom policies in your programming language of choice.

Need to control usage of certain docker images or technologies? Need to constrain which resource an app team can consume? Need deep integration with an ITSM solution? You can do all of that an more with Gestalt.

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Gestalt Integration Services

Gestalts integration services are pluggable microservices designed to solve most enterprise integration problems. We offer a variety of highly scalable feature rich services that your application can leverage. Everything from Authentication and Authorization to SSL management emails/sms notifications.

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The future is open source IT solutions powered by lambdas and containers. The gestalt framework was designed to enable that future. Click here to get started today.